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 Laborers’ Political League (LPL) – It is imperative that the importance of political agendas in our organization is understood. We have come to realize that they are the keys to our survival as an organization. The officers and members that have attended the Local 1290 Union meetings in previous months have agreed to ask all the members to participate in a voluntary check off donation in the amount of $.05 per work hour. This would be about $2.00 per week based on a 40 hour work week. The seven Labor Locals in the Midwest Missouri & Kansas Laborers’ District Council voted to ask their members to contribute to this fund. The money will go to a fund set up by the Midwest Region and be used to endorse political candidates that will fight for your jobs and keep you working. It is very important that we are able to endorse and support the candidates that will support us. If you have any questions about LPL, please contact Mark Nidiffer, Business Manager or Mike Kane, Political Affairs Director at 913-432-1903.


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