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Local Union 1290 Retirees



Will be held the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 10:30am. Come see and visit old friends and talk about issues.


The Retired Members Committee is composed of both active and retired members of Laborers’ Local Union 1290. The memebers if this committee work together and with the Business Manager of Local Union 1290 in an effort to form a Retiree’s Council who will promote further programs that will benefit the retired members and Local Union 1290.

It is the mission of the Retirees Committee to further the standard of living of all the members by remaining active in the union and maintaining a pro – union stance for all who have toiled to earn an honorable living now and in retirement. The Committee will actively participate in political activities, organizing campaigns, and be involved in the community. Through the support of retirees and regularly held meetings of the Committee, it is recognized that the retired members of Local 1290 can help build and contribute to a healthy and productive Local.

The Retirees Committee will consult with the Business Manager of Local Union 1290 in deciding which events and programs to be involved in. The Retiree Committee may be dissolved at anytime if voted so by the Executive Board or the membership of Local Union 1290.


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Category: Local1290Local Union 1290 General Membership Meeting


December 1, 2015

Local 1290 General Membership Meeting
2600 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, Kansas 66106

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Category: RetireesLocal Union 1290 Retirees Meeting


December 15, 2015

2600 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, Kansas 66106

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